Possibilities of use

Polycon glass fiber reinforced concrete tiles bring freedom, creativity and natural harmony to architecture. The variability of this material creates the space for the individual and unique realization of each project without any boundaries and limitations.

Facade tiles

Polycon products create a unique solution for each project. The facade tiles can be in the shape of a flat plate or shaped element – lining, window shutters, aticles, corners, shutters, etc. Glass fiber reinforced concrete elements are produced as one piece according to the client’s size requirements.

Straight elements
Shaped and corner elements
Window shutters

Shaped elements

Straight elements

Corner elements

Perforated shutters, flat panels

Interior design and furniture

Current trends in architecture favor natural materials even indoors. The uniqueness of glass fiber reinforced concrete highlights the natural look. The interior tiles, solitaires and glass fiber reinforced concrete furniture are trendy. The high level of production technologies is obvious in the functionality and visual design of the products.

Seat cushions
Glass fiber reinforced concrete furniture
Kitchen counters

Seat cushion

Furniture in the lobby



Acoustic panels

For its outstanding features and aesthetic possibilities, glass fiber reinforced concrete is also used to design and produce technically more sophisticated acoustic and noise reduction systems.

Acoustic panels in congress halls
Noise barriers

Acoustic panels

Ceilings, acoustic panels