The Woon Residential Project is an example of unique perforated panels that works as glass fiber reinforced concrete shutters and sunshades. The main requirement was to produce perforated panels that would have a view layer of exterior and interior, but also the perimeter of all the holes that were in some parts only halfway up the panel. All the elements should have bigger caverns on the surface to produce an industrial impression. There were prepared hidden insert with inner thread in each panel.

Drawing documentation

The first step was to process client’s requirements and creation of detailed drawing documentation for individual perforated Polycon elements.


Exactly according to the drawings, molds with differently high rounded stumps were made to ensure perforation of the panels. All molds had fixed threaded inserts, which were placed into individual products. It then served to fix the panels on the facade.

Elements production

The molds were sprayed and compacted to maintain the required quality and strength of the elements. The emphasis was on the backs of the products, which were also visible.

Finished products

The elements were left to dry. They were then removed from the molds, washed and stored for curing. In the last step, the elements were sprayed with a hydrophobic spray.