DESIGN BLOCK, Lucie Koldová – Dan Yeffet

Lucie Kold and Dan Yeffet came with an idea of seat cushions they wanted to make. Before we started the production we tested how to make the pillows to make their look perfect to the last detail. The result, glass-reinforced concrete pillows, was breathtaking.

3D design of seat cushions

Client ideas were transferred to 3D designs of individual seat cushions.

Soft seat cushions

Afterwards, they were sewn and filled with soft seat cushions matching the proportions and shape of the 3D requirements.

Shaping, production of inverse models

Soft seat cushions were shaped exactly as required. Sitting crevices and folds were made on the surface. The cushions thus prepared were designed to produce inverse models.

Cushions production

The inversion models were sprayed with a glass fiber reinforced concrete mixture. Each pillow was made of two halves for easier handling and production.

Cushions spraying

Each pillow was composed of two halves that were eventually bonded. The pillows looked like monolithic pieces. At the end, a white spray was applied.